How to Do French Tips with Dip Powder: The Easiest and Most Stylish Way

Are you ready to master the art of French tips? If so, dip powder is the way to go. This application is perfect for those who want an effortless and chic look. If you’re not familiar with this technique, it is a method of applying your eyeliner in places that are not visible—underneath your eyes, at the edge of your lids, and on the outer corner of your eyes—instead of directly on top of them. It’s also known as reverse eyeliner or kat eye liner, but regardless of what you call it, learning how to do French tips with dip powder will change your life forever. From mastering the technique to choosing the best products for its success, we have everything you need to know about this eye-catching beauty routine.

What You’ll Need

  • An eyeliner pencil – For beginners, using a pencil will make it easier to create a clean line. You can also choose a liquid eyeliner pen if you’re experienced enough to have stronger hands when applying your make up.
  • Eyeliner brush – Using a brush will create a softer line that is great for beginners but can also be used by the more experienced. It can also be used to smudge the eyeliner for a softer look.
  • Eyeliner applicator – If you’re not a fan of the pencil or the brush, a liner applicator is a great option.
  • Eyepencil – Only use this if you have a steady hand! This is a great tool for the more experienced.
  • Eyeshadow – You can use any color you want. For beginners, using a neutral color is recommended.

How to Do French Tips with Dip Powder

When applying dip powder on your lids, make sure to start at the outer edge and work your way inward. On your waterline and under your eyes, you should apply the powder in a winged fashion. Follow these steps to get the perfect French tips using dip powder.

  • First, line your upper lids by tracing the outside of your eyes. This will be your guide for the rest of the procedure.
  • Next, apply the dip powder to your eyeliner pencil.
  • Now, line your lower lid to create a smooth edge.
  • Apply the dip powder to your eyeshadow brush and blend it out.
  • Lastly, line your waterline to create a winged effect.

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How to Apply Eyeliner with Dip Powder

When applying dip powder along the upper lid, apply it directly to your lid. Otherwise, it will accentuate fine lines and creases. Once you apply it to your lid, you can then use a brush to smudge it out. For the lower lid, dip your brush in the powder and then apply it to your lower lid. Using your brush, you can smudge the powder for a softer look.

Benefits of Using Dip Powder for French Tips

  • It creates a softer look. With this product, you won’t get that sharp line that you get from liquid and pencil eyeliners.
  • It is easier to apply. Dip powder can be applied using your fingers, so there’s no need to line your eyes perfectly and with the right amount of pressure.
  • You can easily create a winged effect. This is perfect for those who want to achieve a more dramatic look.
  • It is less messy. Dip powder doesn’t dry up like liquid eyeliners, so you’ll be less likely to make a mess while applying it on your eyes.

FAQ: Is Dip Powder Good for Beginners?

Yes! This product is great for beginners because it is a fuss-free product. You can use your fingers to apply it and it is easier to blend out than liquid eyeliners. Dip powder also has a lower price point than liquid eyeliners. Keep in mind that dip powder is not as long-lasting as liquid eyeliners, so if you’re planning on going out during the night, you may need to retouch your eyeliner.


French tips are a great way to make your eyes pop. However, you should be careful if you’re using liquid eyeliner because it can get messy and smudged if you’re not careful enough. Dip powder is a great alternative because it is much easier to apply. Just remember to start from the outside and work your way in to avoid messy mistakes.

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