How to do hot stone massage pedicure

Foot massage has a variety of benefits that can enhance your life and your feet. Foot massage is beneficial because it’s relaxing and it relieves stress. For example, this is one of the best ways to relieve chafed, rough, and calloused skin on your feet. The process of a pedicure is relaxing and it also gets your blood flowing. Reading about how to do hot stone massage pedicure is beneficial for you to practice and be safe with it. Here’s how to do a hot stone pedicure safely and effectively.

Start with a clean surface

Before you start, you’ll need to clean your surface. You should always have a clean workstation and make sure that the surface is nice and dry.

how to do hot stone massage pedicure
How to do hot stone massage pedicure – Image Source: Freepik

Prepare your tools

One of the first steps, when you are about to do a hot stone pedicure, is to prepare your tools. You will need a few items that are necessary for the whole process, such as towels, water, a foot scrub brush, towel wrap, and a ceramic bowl.

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Know the benefits of a hot stone pedicure

There are many benefits to a hot stone pedicure. First of all, the massage is more soothing because of the hot rocks. The heat from the stones penetrates your skin and muscles easing tension and relieving stress. Hot stone massage helps increase blood circulation and also speeds up recovery after intense exercise.

How to do hot stone massage pedicure

There are two types of people: those who like to visit the spa and go for a pedicure, and those who would never go for a pedicure because they’re too scared. If you’re among the group who would never go for a pedicure, don’t worry! You can still get that hot stone massage you crave at home with these simple steps.

  • First, soak your feet in warm water for 10-15 minutes to soften your skin.
  • Next, give your feet a gentle scrubbing with soap or body wash.
  • Afterward, allow the soapy water to sit on your feet while you gather supplies.
  • For this step, you’ll need some hot stones (find them at any health food store), towels, a bowl of water mixed with essential oil (lavender is good), and lotion or petroleum jelly.
  • Soak each stone in the bowl of water mixture for about 2 minutes to allow it to heat up before using them on your feet.
  • When you’re ready to begin, place one stone on each foot simultaneously and let them sit until they cool down again. You can then use the stones in an alternating pattern to provide deep pressure on different areas of your feet. Remember not to put the stones near nail beds or toes as this could cause burns.

To finish up, apply lotion or petroleum jelly all over each foot before covering them with socks to seal in moisture and keep warmth in.

After the hot stone pedicure

After you’re done, it’s important to have a good foot moisturizer. A good foot cream will make your feet feel better and can be used immediately after the hot stone pedicure. Your feet are more sensitive when soaked so having a moisturizing cream is the best way to keep your feet feeling great.

Wrapping up the hot stone pedicure

The hot stone pedicure is a great way to treat your feet and make them feel amazing. After the foot massage, you can apply a lotion or cream to your feet. You can also put on socks and rest for around 10-15 minutes before going on with your day. You want to wrap your hands in towels or wear an oven mitt to avoid getting burned by the hot stones. If you like, you can include essential oils in a diffuser as well. This will help make the experience more relaxing for you.

The hot stone pedicure is a wonderful way to treat your feet. The heat from the stones helps melt away tension and muscle stiffness, and the stones are useful for massaging and exfoliating the foot.

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